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Ubigel donna



Ubigel donna for women's health

Ubigel donna is a regenerating medical device based on a Hyaluronic-Ubigenine complex indicated in the treatment of female genitourinary syndromes.

Hyaluronic acid is a physiological biopolymer consisting of glycosaminoglycans typical of the extracellular matrix. By hydrating it binds large amounts of water, as such it contributes to the integrity of epithelial-connective tissues. The complex releases Ubigenine in a 'sustained' form in minute quantities, such as to trigger renewal processes through local biostimulation.

Ubigenine is a metabolite essential to physiology by regulating vital cellular processes. It is present in genitourinary tissues, although it could represent a scarce/limiting factor, where the exogenous contribution becomes 'restorative' of the physiological condition.

The local application of Ubigel creates microenvironmental conditions activating some key cellular mechanosensors on the focal adhesion machinery.

This mode of action evokes biomechanical cues (thus comparable to a form of 'soft' rehabilitation) that leads to the progressive vulvovaginal & pelvo-urethral regeneration.

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Biological properties

Primary mode of action

  • Mechanic biostimulation

Descending effects

  • Tight-junctions & cytoskeleton build-up

  • Cell maturation and differentiation

  • Indirect immunoregulation

  • Anti-fibrotic effect

  • Trophic activity




Market introduction

The genitourinary therapeutic is under introduction in selected European and Latin America markets. Product availability should be checked with us and/or local distributors.

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